Portable/Mobile Unit

Compact, Light, Mobile, Efficient, Safe, Economic


  Clinical, Hospital, Veterinary, Industrial, Emergency

SY Series

FDA  510(k)  approved                                 

for Medical, Veterinary and Industrial uses
CE  marked

  Mobile Stand SS-1

   ( painted steel )

Mobile Stand PS-1                                 Mobile Stand PS-2                                    

  ( painted steel )                                       ( stainless steel )

Universal Exposure 

Hand Switch

Carrying Case

DIG Series

for Veterinary and Industrial uses only

CE marked

Mobile Unit

Universal Exposure Foot Switch


                              Grid      Collimator      Portable/Mobile Unit      Tube      Cassette/Intensifying Screen
                                  Slim View Box      Radiation Protection Wears       DR Detector      Dental Sensor    

Since 1983