1. Lightweight yet extremely durable aluminum cassette

  2. Excellent film/screen contact and positive light seal interlock

  3. Scratch resistant vinyl front and reinforced plastic corner

  4. Easy push release opening and closing

  5. Available : with ID window and Intensifying Screen, stainless steel cassette, mammography cassette

  6. CE marked

Major Available Standard Sizes

Cassette/Intensifying Screen

Inch: 5x7, 6x15, 6.5x8.5, 7x17, 8x10, 9.5x9.5 10x12, 11x14, 12x12, 12x15, 14x14, 14x17, 14x36, 14x51

Cm : 9x12, 13x18, 15x40, 18x24, 24x30, 30x30, 30x60, 30x90, 35x35, 35x43, 40x40, 30x120

Mammography Cassette with Intensifying Screen

Plastic cassette with push button with or without ID window

With screen R200( comparable with AGFA HD-S and Kodak MIN R2190 ) or T300( comparable with Fuji mammo screen.

Size : 18x24cm, 24x30cm


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Since 1983